5 Tips To Reengergize Web Sales Copy

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harryhuxford | Monday, September 20th, 2010

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When was the last time you examined your website’s sales copy with a critiquing eye? If your web sales copy has gone stale, consider updating it according to these tips.

Copy That Is Continuously Captivating
Web users are a very fickle and multi-tasking bunch. It doesn’t take much to distract them from buying a product from a website. Your web sales copy needs to pull and hold onto users’ attention spans. This is achieved primarily through an engaging headline that pulls users in which is then followed up with captivating web copy that keeps the momentum building. Lead users along with simple and logical reasons why your product or service is the best. You want them to mentally agree with everything you’re saying so the barriers and inhibitions to buy are dismantled brick by brick. But don’t leave them with a cliffhanger ending. Culminate with a strong call-to-action and “buy now” message.

Borrowing From Friendly Neighbors
Does your web copy feel like it’s spoken by a traveling salesman who is here today but gone tomorrow? Try adopting the voice of a friendly neighbor who is happy to let you borrow a cup of sugar. A good neighbor is always reachable and, more importantly, is a sharing member of the community.

Visitors entering a website is analogous to people knocking on their neighbor’s door and asking to borrow something small. Let them know they are welcome to “borrow” whitepapers or free software trials. Good neighbors do whatever they can so people in need don’t go home empty handed.

Honesty And Transparency
It doesn’t take much effort to pop open a new browser tab and do a search for product reviews. The danger lies in these fact checking users not coming back to your website after they’ve searched for reviews. They may end up buying from another website that is more honest and transparent about their products or services.

Try writing copy with honesty and transparency in mind. Don’t sensationalize or exaggerate the truth so much that it would cause users to drop their attention on your site and search for reviews to validate your claims. If you keep your sales copy simple and logical, honesty and transparency are not difficult to achieve.

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Low Risk, High Trust
People don’t want to be scammed on the internet which is not surprising since more and more scams occur online than ever before. This will always be a fence your website has to jump over to make the sale. Be sure to include copy that establishes trust in your product and company. One way is through longevity. How long has your product or company been helping others? And the people who have bought your products – are they respected experts in their field or figures of public authority? Try to interweave some case studies and testimonials into your copy. Make it easy to see that your product has a history of adoption and use.

Fear Of Loss
Direct marketers have known for a long time that fear of loss has been an effective way to get buyers to put a self imposed deadline on their buying behavior. Nobody enjoys missing out on a good deal so messages of product scarcity (“Only 100 left!”) or urgency (“24 Hours Left!”) can be used to polish off your sales copy and add that extra spice of irresistibility.

What Else Makes Quality Sales Copy?
Do you have any sales copywriting techniques that leads to explosive growth in conversions? Free your inner copywriter and let me know! And please feel free to contact us if you would like a free consultation about your online marketing efforts!

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