8 Reasons Your Business Needs A Facebook Fan Page

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harryhuxford | Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

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From fan-to-fan interaction to entertaining and rewarding fans, Facebook fan pages allows many opportunities to engage with customers and solidify a business’s presence in its niche. Any social media plan is incomplete without a Facebook fan page and here’s why.

Fans Become Your Brand Evangelists
When I browse my daily Facebook news feed, I’m always sure to see a friend put a ‘like’ on a corporate Facebook page or a fresh comment written on a company’s wall. If it weren’t for my friends doing this, I would never know that hundreds of companies are just a click away. What’s really interesting is that none of my friends are getting paid to promote corporate fan pages. A Facebook fan page has the potential to reach millions of otherwise unreachable people for little to no cost aside from managing and creating content.

More Organic Traffic
Adding a Facebook fan page to your company’s arsenal adds another web property that’s frequently updated which means search engines will index the fan page and direct more eyeballs to your company. Try doing a Google search on a company name plus the word ‘face’ (such as ‘toyota face’). You will see Google trying to auto-complete your query to “toyota facebook” which means that search query is popular enough to be a suggested search query. I’ve tried many searches on brand names plus the word ‘face’ and Google will auto-complete my query every time. This tendency to auto-complete ‘brand + facebook’ queries suggests that searchers increasingly expect companies to have Facebook fan pages and that they’d rather go to these fan pages than the company’s homepage. And with good reason: a Facebook fan page is often the go-to place to interact with a company and its fans.

Facebook Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon
Columbia Pictures is coming out with the new movie “The Social Network” which showcases the drama surrounding Facebook’s founding and unprecedented growth. Can you name another social network that has a movie about it? I predict this movie will be successful and more people will jump on the bandwagon and create profiles. This means a growing pool of potential customers for your business.

Unlimited Number Of Fans
Facebook limits personal profiles to 5,000 friends but there’s no cap on the number of fans a company fan page can have. Frequent updates of quality content will boost your fan count from hundreds to thousands and higher.

Innovative Ways To Engage With Customers
Mazda set a really good example by creating a new Facebook game called “Driverville” (akin to ‘Farmville’) to create publicity for its newly released vehicle, the Mazda2. “Driverville” allows anyone on Facebook to customize and drive a virtual Mazda2 and complete missions and objectives in game. The game compliments a contest in which fans are eligible to win iPods and a real (not virtual!) Mazda2. Mazda’s Facebook page entertains and rewards fans. Check it out: facebook.com/Mazda

Fans Interacting With Fans
Fan to fan interaction goes beyond what TV, print or radio marketing could ever do and represents one of the major benefits of having an online presence. A Facebook fan page brings fans from all over the world into one meeting place where fans can meet each other and engage in friendly discussion about your company and products. Your fans can tap into the community at anytime from anywhere.

Invite Fans To Events
Now that your company has a Facebook fan page, it can easily create Facebook Events and invite fans to a host of live and virtual events. You can invite fans to live meetups in major cities around the country or invite them to a virtual contest or webstream of product demos and industry expos.

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Give Your Fans A Name
Another aspect of TV, print and radio marketing is that audiences are largely anonymous and are referred to as “blocks” or “segments”. In contrast, Facebook fans have individually unique names and faces and this gives a more intimate, human feel to interaction with them. A more intimate interaction may work quite well for your company if it specializes in human-to-human services like education, charity or cosmetology.

Does your company have a Facebook fan page? What are some of the successes you’ve seen with it? Or if your company is hesitant to create a Facebook page, what’s holding you back? Please let me know your experiences in the comments! And please feel free to contact us if you would like a free consultation about your online marketing efforts!

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