Our Approach

MySEMexperts employs a unique approach to online marketing that will make your SEM, SEO and SMM campaigns more effective and less costly, leaving more time and budget for you to accomplish your business goals. The approach is an integrated five-step system – Listen, Manage, Measure, Analyze and Improve. We’ll be there every step of the way to teach your team how to realize continuous campaign improvement. Our ongoing management will strengthen the foundations of the SEO, PPC and social media marketing campaigns that we build together.

What’s the biggest mistake that most search engine marketing professionals, including consultants and agencies, tend to make? They think that generating keywords for PPC and SEO purposes on their own will result in a well-performing campaign. We call this the Guessing Game approach or the “inside-out” syndrome”.

Although the guessing exercise is an acceptable way to start, most marketing and SEM professionals stop there (i.e., the keywords resulting from this guessing game then becomes the basis for the PPC and/or SEO campaign, some of which actually may appear to work).

Two major problems occur if you use this keyword discovery approach and stop there. First, all of your direct and indirect competitors are doing the same, and each of them is competing against you to be on the front page, sometimes above the fold. The insatiable demand of advertisers for commonly used keyphrases together with the very limited supply of front page real estate drives costs sky-high.

The “inside-out” syndrome creates other problems. Most companies use nomenclature derived inside the company to refer to their products and services. However, their target audience often uses different nomenclature to refer to these same products and services. If you don’t “listen” and pay attention to the nomenclature your audience is using, then at the very instance they are seeking your products and services online, you and they will be like “ships passing in the night”.

Online marketing costs can reveal themselves in various ways. In a PPC campaign you will see the cost as total cost of campaign, or on a more granular level, as a bloated average cost per click (avg. CPC). The costs are revealed in an SEO or social media campaign by tracking the amount of man-hours spent to maintain your efforts. Perhaps even more devastatingly they represent the immeasurable cost of lost opportunities.

The second major problem with the Guessing Game is that no matter how good you and your team are or how much time you spend guessing at all the permutations; it’s impossible to guess them all. You will be surprised at how people search for your products and services. Don’t feel bad, as every company has this problem – qualified prospects and current customers often use nomenclature that you are not aware of. If you do not pay attention to the language they are speaking, you and they will be like ships passing in the night.

MySEMexperts will show you that this conventional Guessing Game approach to search engine marketing is not only costly, but causes you to miss 50% or more of qualified prospects. We will show you how to listen to your audience by examining SEO data and social media participation, how to capture the nomenclature they use when describing and searching for your products and services, and how to communicate back to them using the same nomenclature – all of which are key elements to realizing positive ROI and continuous search engine marketing and social media campaign improvement.

Let’s face it, managing a search engine marketing campaign or improving online presence through social media marketing can be very time-consuming. Even a campaign containing only a few hundred keyphrases can be so much work that it often requires a dedicated manager who is left with little time to accomplish anything else. This is a major reason why many companies outsource the management of their online marketing campaigns to a third-party consultant or agency. However, third-party consultants and agencies don’t have the subject matter expertise that you do, nor can they afford to spend the necessary time and resources on your campaign to achieve a continuously improving campaign day after day, week after week and month after month.

MySEMexperts employs cutting-edge PPC and social media tools specifically designed to semi-automate the management of your campaign, substantially cutting down the time required to achieve and maintain an effective and continuously improving campaign. We also use only proven “white-hat” SEO tactics that are more immune from changes made to search engine algorithms. The end result is that you keep the campaign in-house where the subject matter expertise resides, while freeing your formerly dedicated resources to focus on other business goals.

We have all heard the old adage, “if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.” Never has that statement been truer than in search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Whether the intention of your website is to generate leads, to conduct real-time transactions or to disseminate information and educate your existing and potential customer base, MySEMexperts will work with you to determine the appropriate metrics to determine the success and effectiveness of your paid search, organic search and social media marketing efforts.

Once the proper goals and metrics are established and in place, we collect and analyze data on a daily basis. Search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing data analysis require constant vigilance because the behavior of B2B and B2C consumers and competitors is constantly evolving.

MySEMexperts’s strategy implements tools that integrate easily into your current or planned SEM, SEO and SMM campaigns so that you can review performance at any level of granularity. In addition, our tools will result in the discovery of new keywords that can be put to work in pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization and social media marketing campaigns.

Understanding social media, search engine optimization and PPC search engine marketing is NOT rocket science. There are a many best practices that every successful online marketing campaign must adhere to. When you understand and utilize these best practices your search engine and social media marketing campaigns will be rewarded with higher quality ratings, lower minimum and average cost per click (avgCPC), higher page rank, more quality followers and greater authority in your industry. You will achieve better search engine placement and results than competitors who don’t follow these best practices, and you will have an enviable return on investment.

Managing campaigns in search engine optimization, PPC advertising and social media marketing is time-consuming both to marketing professionals and executives responsible for driving positive results. However, it need not, and ought not, be.

MySEMexperts will teach you these search engine, social media marketing and SEO best practices. Our expertise is supported with the semi-automated tools we establish to build, manage and evaluate your online campaigns. We will show you how collected data can be easily analyzed to lead to new keyword discovery, new content creation and publication and more qualified prospects visiting your website. We will teach you to achieve effective, measurable and continuously improving search engine and social marketing campaigns that will allow your marketing professionals to do more (and be happier) about what they do!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Call or email us today to find out how we can help you achieve the results you’ve been looking for with search engine optimization, PPC advertising and social media marketing.