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emmadavis | Friday, October 1st, 2010

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If you log into Google AdWords as often as I do, you may have noticed the user interface undergoing a few changes lately. Most recently, Google has altered the way a user generates AdWords Reports. Curious how this change will affect the way you collect and analyze campaign data? Here’s how to proceed with Google’s new reporting features.

Like many other online marketers, I use AdWords Reports frequently to draw and learn from performance data across all kinds of AdWords campaigns. The biggest benefit of the reorganization of the Reports section is the ability to generate a report right from the Campaigns tab, rather than accessing report creation via the Reports tab. This change should save most AdWords users quite a lot of time. In addition, the new method of generating reports is much more woven into the main section of AdWords, rather than being hidden away under the Reporting tab and requiring a click away from the data you’re viewing.

To get started generating reports in the new AdWords format, go to the Campaigns tab.


With the previous method of creating a report, you selected the campaigns you wanted to include manually from a list. Now, you can use filters to segment the information your report will include. This is useful because you essentially get to see a preview of the data you’re drawing before you actually download the report.


What makes this new organization method even easier than the original reports creation is that the control of the information flow is in your hands throughout the creation process. Rather than simply selecting metrics you’d like to include, now you can specify ranges or inclusions within these metrics, just like when you are viewing your campaign data in the user interface.

Once you’re viewing the data in the organization that you need, you can seamlessly move to generating your report without leaving your view of the data. By the way, I should mention that once you’re viewing your campaigns, these reports can be created from any Campaigns sub-tab. This allows your report to be drawn directly from the level you’re looking at, whether it be the entire campaign, all campaigns, single ad groups, keywords or ads.

When you’re ready to create your report, click the button to the left of the Search box.


Again, this is a huge improvement from the completely separate area where you used to have to go to create your report. For someone who generates lots of reports on a regular basis, this new format is an incredible time-saver. Clicking on the ‘Download report’ button will expand a menu that lets you create custom parameters for your report; again, all while still viewing your specified data.


This menu accomplishes the last elements that used to be found at the end of the Report generation process, but at the same time it gives you the opportunity to choose specific measurements of your campaign performance, such as the three I’ve shown in the image above: day of the week, exact match impression share, and hour of the day. These are not the only choices, just three that I found especially useful that I had not used in Reports before. Prior to this new organization, each different type of report had sets of measurements that could be applied. Now every level of your report is customized and there is less of an emphasis on the type of report you’re creating, but rather on what you hope to accomplish with your report. Click on ‘Create’, and your report will automatically download in your specified format when it is ready. Voila!

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Have you taken the new Google AdWords Report generation tools for a spin yet? I think the ease of use is very high and that most AdWords users will find this new way of creating reports to be a valuable addition to the AdWords suite of tools. Leave a comment with your experience, and get in touch for a free consultation on how better AdWords strategy can help your business.

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