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emmadavis | Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

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Internet marketing takes many different forms, but throughout each there is one constant: the importance of keywords. No matter what kind of online marketing project you’re embarking on, you will need to concentrate on keyword usage. It’s easy to get caught up in new technology and innovative ways to manage online campaigns but too often marketers forget that the force that drives visitors and conversions is ultimately the strength of your keywords. Here are some best-practice strategies that can help you improve your focus on keywords across all internet marketing methods.

Brand Consistency

Internet marketing is a multifaceted task. No matter what kind of campaigns you’re implementing, you’ll never succeed addressing only one area of importance. When it comes to keywords, this means you must ensure that across every online marketing platform you are staying consistent with the search terms you emphasize. You can find your best-performing keywords in your pay-per-click campaigns, in organic search rankings or just from personal experience, but no matter how you find them, make sure you stick with them. If your website is optimized for search according to a set of keywords, you should be including these terms in your other campaign types. Being consistent in your implementation of keywords across a variety of marketing tactics will also give you insight into which keywords perform the best in each outlet.

Regular Review

Most website owners understand the value of regularly reviewing the content on their site but too many neglect to apply this review to keyword choice as well. Just like content, keywords can get stale, and stale keywords pose a serious threat as a detriment to success. I’m willing to bet money that most business owners believe that their business evolves year after year; if this is the case, then it follows that keywords that were successful but getting stagnant can often be replaced by newer, fresher options. It’s not just about regularly updating; it’s about making sure you’re using keywords that are up-to-date with your goals and as relevant as possible to your current offerings.

Third-party Tools

While I strongly believe in being independent and original in your keyword generation, there’s no denying that it’s a tough job coming up with long lists of keywords that consistently perform well, not to mention staying on top of regular updates. For this purpose, third-party keyword generation tools are definitely worth your time. There are tons out there to choose from but the real value comes from applying your own judgment. No tool can assess keywords against your business’s goals the way you can so once you’ve generated long lists of potential keywords it’s up to you to pick the winners. Still, the ability to rapidly generate related variations of keywords you already know perform well can be a valuable time-saver when it comes to specifying keywords for use in any kind of online marketing campaign.

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Tracking and Analytics

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you aren’t paying attention to analytic data for your site, you’re missing huge opportunities to improve your online marketing. This is especially true when it comes to keyword research as keywords and search terms are the easiest metric to track using simple analytics. Without much effort on your part you can easily find and sort keywords that have sent traffic to your site, whether paid or organic. Even if you track conversions, keeping an eye on the traffic levels from an analytics perspective can offer insight on which search terms perform better on a paid level and which are more successful when used organically. Paying attention to analytic data also provides a concrete method of evaluating new keyword tactics you’re trying. There are many ways to judge the success of a keyword but more importantly, analytics make it painfully obvious which keywords are headed for failure.

Complete Coverage

Similar to maintaining keyword consistency across all online marketing, it’s crucial to the success of any online campaign to make sure you’ve covered all your bases within each marketing outlet. It’s not enough to be adding well-performing keywords that will trigger ads, rank your site higher, attract social media users or encourage page links. You need to make sure you’ve got your keywords inserted at every level. This means double-checking your meta tags and other embedded information to make sure you’re including your best keywords there. Similarly, when you create profiles on social media networks, make sure you’re using successful keywords in your bio, ‘about me’ sections, descriptions of your business and anywhere else that you can add your own content. By adding these high performer keywords you make it possible for search users to find you not just on your own website but on popular social networks where your message might be more compelling.

Regardless of what tactics you use to manage your keywords across your internet marketing campaigns, the important thing is maintaining a strong focus on the keywords you’re using. What strategies have worked best for you? Leave a comment, or get in touch if you’d like to learn more about how keyword management can help your business succeed in online marketing.

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