Ten Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter

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emmadavis | Friday, August 6th, 2010

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Most business people know Twitter is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to social media marketing, but not everyone has taken the plunge into the Twitterverse. Whether it isn’t high priority or it’s not even on your to-do list, there are many reasons businesses aren’t tweeting yet. Here are ten compelling reasons why you should be tweeting for your business.
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1.) Your Online Presence
Internet marketing is still in the ‘wild west’ stage where no one is exactly sure what tomorrow will bring when it comes to new technology and innovative advancements. Still, one thing is clear – you need to have your presence felt online. Consumers spend huge amounts of time on the web and will come to trust your company more when you are visible online. Twitter gives you the opportunity to make your presence known to as many followers as you can generate. Plus, being present on the web allows your business to…

2.) Respond To The Masses
We all know the old adage that someone who receives good service will tell one friend while someone who receives bad service will tell ten. This phenomenon is exponential on the internet, and if you want to maintain some control over the perception of your brand, responding to comments and criticism is a must. Twitter’s ‘@’ functions let you address any user directly, bringing the world-wide forum down to a one-on-one response, in turn strengthening consumer trust. This is especially important as you move towards…

3.) Extending Your Brand Online
The internet is a vast expanse of available real estate, but any smart internet marketer knows that certain sites will always carry more clout when it comes to building a strong and lasting online reputation. Much like Google-owned properties, Twitter is a widely used and globally trusted site, meaning that being a known brand there is a crucial complement to any offline brand. The lines that define “in real life” are blurring more and more by the day! Which is why Twitter is great for…

4.) Participating In Global Discussions
Twitter recently boasted its 20 billionth tweet from a user in Tokyo; this achievement perfectly illustrates the global reach of Twitter as a social network. The immediate and to-the-point conversations happening every moment of every day are a pinnacle of globalization and an immense opportunity to share knowledge as well as gain insight on limitless subject matter. What brand wouldn’t want to be discussed on a literally global level? Plus the connection worldwide makes it easier to…

5.) Find Interested Users
It couldn’t be easier to search the content of user-published tweets, so there is no excuse for not connecting with potential consumers of your brand. Whether you focus on trendy and popular hash tag topics or search more specifically for your own products, it has never been simpler to ‘eavesdrop’ on potential customers. By engaging in discussion and following the right users, you can use your business Twitter account as a…

6.) V.I.P. Club For Customers
Ever wish you had a direct line through which you could hand customers coupons, freebies, daily deals and promotional updates? Even with email marketing you are banking on enough continued interest to prevent clicking ‘delete’ before opening. With Twitter, your followers are looking forward to what you have to offer. Your tweets are short and sweet and when a customer feels like he or she is getting a special deal not available to everyone, the chances of a purchase become that much greater. Once you have a captive audience following you, you’ll find yourself…

7.) Getting Listed
That’s what the whole social media marketing game is about, isn’t it? We all want our content to be shared across networks of friends and followers, and being added to user lists increases the chance that non-followers will come across your published content. Being included in Twitter lists further increases the confidence your customers will have in you as an expert in your given field. When your business is part of many user’s choice lists, you’ll experience…

8.) The Viral Nature Of Re-Tweeting
It’s hard to think of a hotter buzzword than “viral” when it comes to internet marketing, but few can claim true achievement when it comes to creating and directing the viral force that spreads awareness like, well, a virus! This is why Twitter is a great tool for any business with an online presence. When you use Twitter you can sit back and watch new tweets pour in by the second; how many of these are preceded with ‘RT’ (retweet)? Your company’s tweets, if interesting and useful, have the same chance of being retweeted as any Twitter celebrity’s. Of course in order to succeed here you will also benefit from…

9.) Learning To Be Concise
As everyone who creates a Twitter account quickly learns, 140 characters is not a whole lot of space. It’s barely more than the content of an AdWords text ad! Crafting the perfect tweets that convey your message and entice your readers without exceeding the character limit has become such an art that users devote entire Twitter accounts to tweet poetry and 140-character movie reviews. Really though, one of the tenets of good writing is being concise, so Twitter is ultimately doing you a favor that will most likely assist you with ad copy down the road. Knowing how to write effective tweets will also help because…

10.) Your Competitors Are Tweeting
Marketers who are on the ball when it comes to new resources and useful ways to put social networks to work for brands are well aware of the power of Twitter and its web of followers. If you’ve got customers who use the web to find your product, I guarantee at least one of your competitors has someone on duty tweeting up a storm to generate interest and benefit from the preceding nine points. So what are you waiting for? Spend five minutes creating your brand’s Twitter account and enjoy the ride on the tweet wave, at least until the next big thing arrives!

Need more compelling reasons to extend your brand into social media? Want to learn more about social media marketing in general? Leave a comment or get in touch with us!

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