10 Ways To Serve Up Fresh Content

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emmadavis | Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

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You can spend hundreds of hours on improving your website’s search engine optimization, but it could be time wasted if you aren’t paying equal attention to the quality of your content. The content you offer a visitor to your website is your connection to your potential customer. Too often, site owners overlook the importance of keeping website content fresh, to the detriment of their online business. Here are ten solid strategies to ensure that the content on your site is poppin’ fresh!

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Why is continuous new content important for a website? Well, the first reason is obvious: no one wants to visit a stale website. If the content on a site is exactly the same week after week, chances are your visitors are going to get bored. You want (and need) to keep their attention if you have any hope of gaining new customers. The second reason is less visible but just as important: your SEO efforts go hand in hand with your content offering. Sure, you can set meta information and include alt tags on images but if search engine spiders aren’t crawling your site regularly and finding new content, your site is not search optimized. Finally, updating the content on your site requires you to be in touch with your current products, your best-sellers and any threats to success that could impede business. Getting up close and personal with your site content will make you that much more aware of the content in your pay-per-click campaigns, social media language and other online marketing efforts.

Now that you know why you need continuous fresh content on your website, here are ten ways you can add updated content regularly and with little effort.

1. Refreshing Your SEO

As mentioned earlier, SEO includes website meta information as well as keyword saturation and content format. One easy way to make sure that your content is fresh is to regularly evaluate the existing content on your site. When was it written? When was it last updated? What keywords are well-saturated in your content and what phrases could be added for improvement? Updating SEO content is a proven way to steadily increase your organic ranking with major search engine players like Google and Yahoo.

2. Reaching Out With Social Media

If you haven’t already found a reason to jump in to social media marketing, here’s a good one. Nearly every social media network from Advogato to Zooppa owes its popularity to the way social media has become woven into the layout of most websites. Not only can visitors share your content via the social media outlet of their choice; now you can highlight the best social media mentions or discussions in HTML widgets on your site. Show your visitors the ways that your business is participating in social media and invite them to join – you’ll raise brand awareness and maybe generate new sales, all while ensuring that fresh content keeps appearing on your site.

3. Highlighting New Products

If you run a business website in an evolving industry, chances are your product offerings don’t remain unchanged year over year. If you’re adding new products or services to your website and not featuring them prominently on your homepage, you could be missing valuable opportunities to entice new visitors and appear higher in search results. With new product offerings come new crucial keywords and phrases. By including a small blurb on your site about these new products, you’re killing two birds with one stone by simultaneously highlighting a cool new product and increasing the keyword saturation related to finding that product.

4. Blogging

Creating and maintaining a company blog is a great way to continuously add new content to your site. With services like Wordpress, blogging and website development have convened to both work better together, making it easier than ever to start and keep up with a blog on your existing site. The beauty of blogging is that you don’t need to stay on-message like you would in normal site content. Express your opinion and bring an element of personality to the table, and visitors will come to your site for the blog and hopefully stay for the products. It’s important to remember as well that blog directories carry much weight when it comes to search engine relevance and so establishing a presence there can be a great traffic driver.

5. Announcing News & Public Relations

Most sites have a News section that visitors can browse to, but how often are potential customers actually reading what you’re including there? It’s important for your customers to hear about positive mentions or features about your company in popular press outlets. Even if it’s a small accomplishment, you’ve got bragging rights and you should use them! Press releases and news announcements are perfect for SEO purposes because they give you ample opportunity to drop your company’s brand name and product keywords as many times as possible. Having a news highlight section on your front page is also a perfect way to make yourself keep up with constant updates: no one wants to see that your last important news happened over three months ago.

6. Keeping Product Description Current

Chances are that every product offered on your site has its own landing page with product information, pricing and an informative description. This description presents a great opportunity that many site owners miss out on, simply because they forget that it can be updated as often as possible. Depending on the products you offer, current events or news headlines could be influencing the reasons and the ways that people search for you. You definitely want to keep up with these trends so you don’t miss out on potential leads, and by regularly updating your product descriptions you’re also effortlessly improving your search engine optimization.

7. Re-Introducing Popular Sellers

If you’re paying attention to your business chances are that you are aware of your best-selling products. This is a golden opportunity to promote your best-sellers while also updating the content on your front page. Many visitors to your site may have never seen your best-selling products and you don’t want to assume that they’ll find these products on their own. Plus, keywords related to these products are probably already generating good organic traffic to your site, so focusing on these terms for SEO will only serve to increase your ranking on important search phrases.

8. Maintaining a Site Library

It’s easy to forget about previously published content on your site, especially when you hide it away on an archive page. This is why keeping a library of content on your website is a great idea for SEO purposes. Many site owners overlook the value of storing this content on your site but all those written lines represent thousands of important search terms and established content for search engine spiders to find and cache. In addition, your site library is a great place to archive newsletters, promotional material and related articles. You never know when you will randomly generate unexpected leads or sales when a new visitor peruses your site library and finds engaging content he or she had never previously read.

9. Spotlighting Customer Reviews

No matter what industry you’re in, feedback from customers or clients is always important and can be a fantastic source of positive promotional language. Whether you’ve got a folder of emails from happy customers or an organized system of collecting ratings and feedback, chances are you’ve got a wealth of content sitting untouched. Adding a small box to your homepage or even to the sidebar on product pages that features a regularly updated customer testimonial adds great content and makes your site more compelling in its message. Even better, set up the box as a ratings widget that rotates a selection of the most glowing customer reviews you’ve received; not only will customers be more convinced, they’ll see new content upon each visit.

10. Connecting With The Corner Office

The best companies have CEOs that believe in the product and stand by its message. Therefore you are missing an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with customers if they have no knowledge of your head guy in charge. Start a small blurb on the homepage that delivers quips, updates and calls to action from your CEO. Many companies have shown immense success by including a likable CEO in social media and other marketing promotions. There is no reason why this tactic can’t work for search engine optimization and in fact it does work. If you’ve ever browsed organic search terms leading to your site I’d bet dollars to donuts that you’ve seen the names of important figures at your company appear in search terms. Use these searches to your advantage by optimizing your site for these names in tandem with important product keywords and search terms. You may be surprised to find how many customers are interested in what your CEO has to say.

No matter how you generate fresh content on your site, the important thing is to keep it coming and keep the ball rolling. Neglecting content will hurt your website and your business in the long run and the effort it takes to update your content is nothing compared to what you’ll deal with when your organic search rankings drop and your traffic levels plummet.

What are your favorite methods of getting new content onto your website regularly? Tell us in the comments and get in touch for a free consultation on how content generation, SEO and other internet marketing strategies can help your business succeed online.

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