Top 5 Web Marketing YouTube Videos Of September

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harryhuxford | Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

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I decided to go spelunking in the depths of YouTube to see if I could find any useful videos that launched this past month. I saw a lot of muck and mire but also found some gold. Here are the best 5 videos I found relating to PPC, SEO and social media marketing.

Yahoo-Microsoft Transition: Impact on SEO and PPC

The Yahoo-Bing Search Alliance brings the collective’s search share to 30%, a commendable figure but still dwarfed by Google’s 60% search share. I wondered if Yahoo and Bing would choose to simply mirror each other and serve up the same results but an interview with Bruce Clay informs that Yahoo is keeping its algorithm and adopting Bing’s index which means the results won’t be 100% identical. Bruce also posits that the Alliance is a “disturbance in the force” which will lead to more PPC spend being thrown Bing’s way.

Finding great Google display network sites

This video does a great job at showing how to combine Google Analytics and Google Ad Planner to identify high performance placements on the display network and optimize ads on those sites. Very useful if you’re looking for an analysis deeper than placement reports can provide.

Kick-Ass Keyword Research for Instant SEO Gold

Sean Donahoe shows you how to use Google’s Keyword Tool to research new keyword opportunities by filtering for low competition keywords with high monthly search counts. Keyword research is a vital aspect of both PPC and SEO that becomes more important when you want to see growth in traffic and leads.

Google AdWords Success Story: Scott Brown for US Senate

See how Massachusetts Senate candidate Scott Brown used Google AdWords to win an upset victory against opponent Martha Coakley. Brown’s web strategist details how the campaign made sure all keywords related to opponents’ names were served up with a Scott Brown ad. In addition, the campaign bought keywords centered around negative rumors about Scott Brown and served up ads pointing to a “fact setting” site that cleared Brown of the rumors. Very cunning strategies appropriate for political races!

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3 Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

It’s refreshing to hear social media tips being spoken by a human rather than read on a webpage! Vish’s tips are spot on and I agree with his message about etiquette being of paramount importance when establishing a presence in social media.

BONUS Video: What Is A Bajillion Hits? (A Viral Vidifesto)
You probably won’t learn anything useful from this video but I included it for comic relief. This video satirizes the social media craze and how anyone with a good buzzword vocabulary can be an “expert” at social media. It gave me a few chuckles and maybe you’ll laugh too. It has generated 30,000 views in 6 days and is well on its way to viral videodom.

Have you come across any recent videos on the web that are useful for web marketers? Please let me know in the comments!

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